DANGER: Gas Pump Nozzles

You can catch a superbug from anywhere, but anything in the public sphere that gets touched by a large variety of people will be top of the list – and now it is time to worry about fuel pumps at gas stations:

The nozzles we use to fill up the tank have joined the range of everyday items that are seen as dangerous breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses.

Levels on nozzle handles are worse than escalator rails, parking meters, pedestrian buttons on traffic signals and handles on mailboxes, a US study by Kimberly-Clark Professional found.

There’s nothing particular about gas / petrol pump nozzles that means bacteria will thrive, but rather the amount of time in the day that they are in contact with the hands of various people. Personally, I don’t see why the length of time you hold something would mean you are more likely to transmit bacteria… but the numbers say it is true.

One solution is to constantly wash your hands. A better solution is to wear gloves. The very best option is to not put your fingers in your mouth.